ImmerSea: Subversive Submersibles is about underwater and semi-submerged experiences of Augmented Reality. We are looking to report back on the experience of doubling our sound and vision under the sea. Centered around a pop-up sustainable miniature golf course made for recording biodiversity, we plan to transmit live mixed Video Jockey footage to our submerged artists in the Andaman Sea.

We are asking for help crowd funding our visit. Please feel free to donate here: 



We have all been invited as a group to Thailand. We have been accepted with our projects to join THE DIGITAL NATURALISM CONFERENCE This is a conference that emphasizes Field Biology, Interaction Design and Wild Hacking. It is held in Koh Lon, Thailand this summer. DinaCon is run by Andrew Quitmeyer, PhD ( and Tasneem Khan ( We plan to be in Thailand June 10 – June 24, 2018 and on the island of Koh Lon, Thailand from June 13 – June 20 but the dates may be extended an extra week. Please help us achieve this by backing our Kickstarter.